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paperwolf 01/28/13 05:02 PM

Amazing! Just promises more on what the album will be :) Will's voice ROCKS

aluskee 01/28/13 05:02 PM

absolutely love it!!! so excited!

omgitsyvette 01/28/13 05:02 PM

Alright, let's kick this off with a HUGE thank you for doing this! So effin stoked about the album coming out. You guys honestly never disappoint.

rckb08 01/28/13 05:02 PM

love the new song, so pumped for the album!

T.E.N Fan 01/28/13 05:03 PM

Love this new song!

Harbour 01/28/13 05:03 PM


Originally Posted by WillCartel (Post 118332272)
Sup People!!! I'm here....ask away!

I guess I'll start... How many songs on the album? Any bonus tracks? Love the song.

dannym37 01/28/13 05:03 PM

This song is amazing.

anamericangod 01/28/13 05:04 PM

Great track, especially like the bridge.

Ryan Gardner 01/28/13 05:04 PM

Super excited for everyone to hear this song. It's probably my favorite on Collider

JosephCartel 01/28/13 05:04 PM

Yo. Joseph here.

I'm gonna go ahead and clarify, YES that is a Space Echo RE-201 on the track SON!

Jake Denning 01/28/13 05:04 PM

Howdy Will - It was great hanging with you in Portland at that SYG tour, it's about that time again - when can I expect you guys to roll through again?

paperwolf 01/28/13 05:04 PM

Will! Question for you!
Will there be an oppurtinity to possibly get some signed albums? Any chance of somehow going about that? :)

Jacob Tender 01/28/13 05:04 PM

YES. This is one of my favorites from the new record (thank you, by the way). It sounds to me like it was inspired by "The Fortunate" from the S/T. Is that the case?

alexbrew 01/28/13 05:04 PM


We're all HUGE fans of your work (clearly). If you had to pick one song from this album that you connect with the most, which would it be and why?

StarsXReflect 01/28/13 05:04 PM

What was your inspiration to get another album done and to move past all the negatives you;ve pulled through