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nicCartel 01/28/13 05:04 PM

evening ladies & gents. while im downing thai food lets get thing rolling!!! feel free to fire away any questions! enjoy the tune!!! its one of my favorites.

kidsrdumb 01/28/13 05:04 PM

good stuff! Well done.

WillCartel 01/28/13 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by CallumSty (Post 118332392)
Song sounds great! What was the studio epxerience like for this record, in comparison to Cycles?

So much shorter! haha. We tracked at Zack and Kenneth's studio in August. Toured September/October then wrote and recorded vocals November/December and mixed the month of December too. Crazy schedule but it was awesome.

schmalz 01/28/13 05:04 PM

Sounds good guys!

Can't wait for this album to drop.

nickthehick2 01/28/13 05:05 PM

Very nice, classic Cartel.

After touring all these years do you still see yourself living in Georgia in the next 10-20 years?

GameX 01/28/13 05:05 PM

What are going to be the songs about? Broken relationships, maybe? I really loved "Cycles".
(What a coincidence, you guys are chatting right on my 19th birthday! :O Thanks!)

Emmeeee 01/28/13 05:05 PM

Great song! Will you guys be heading out on tour this year after the new album is released?

surgerone 01/28/13 05:05 PM

Absolutely lovely production on this song. That chorus hits hard in my headphones.

surette 01/28/13 05:05 PM

Great track. Don't have a question, but I'm excited for the album. Also I saw you guys for the first time opening for TEN a few months ago and you were awesome. Thanks for hanging out.

McCrack07 01/28/13 05:06 PM

Well, Im one of the biggest Cartel fans and I love every song they put out.. But damn, this is GOOD. Cant wait for this record.

Slangster 01/28/13 05:06 PM

Dayum. This kills. Fantastic job guys.

Sawhney[rusted] 01/28/13 05:06 PM

Loving the bridge!!!! Awesome song guys! What albums are you personally excited for this year?

BroNamath 01/28/13 05:06 PM

i love the new song guys, especially love the bridge.

my question is what your inspiration was for the new song/new album?

gr33ndayfr3ak 01/28/13 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by WillCartel (Post 118332272)
Sup People!!! I'm here....ask away!

The song is killer, and I'm super stoked to hear the rest of the album guys! You guys were awesome with TEN this summer, are there any tours/other plans for later this year after Collider drops?

zolverine 01/28/13 05:07 PM

I'm not gonna be original for my question... Any chance of any vinyle releases for your discography?