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Steve Henderson 03/31/08 09:41 AM

Free Download: Indie Tribute to Bjork
Download (for free) Stereogum's excellent tribute to Bjork, featuring covers by Liars, Atlas Sound, Xiu Xiu, Final Fantasy, and others.

Full Effect Ed 03/31/08 09:46 AM

Hyper-Ballad....beautiful song

Vismund_Cygnus 03/31/08 09:47 AM

I'm so downloading this...

bad sects 03/31/08 09:59 AM

yesss this is awesome

BuzzLightyear 03/31/08 10:21 AM

First thing I thought of. Bjork goes nuts on a reporter.

Welcome to Bangkok!

LikeACat 03/31/08 10:33 AM

Much love for Final Fantasy.

Smash Adams 03/31/08 10:56 AM

final fantasy is also accompanied by the lead singer of Grizzly Bear
haven't listened to the whole thing yet but it's good

Teddy Gravyboot 03/31/08 11:02 AM

haha that video a few posts up is hilarious.. when was that?

From: Skulls 03/31/08 11:35 AM

This is really fucking good.

PoisonInMyVeins 03/31/08 11:41 AM

xiu xiu is great.

ImTheSheriff 03/31/08 12:10 PM

why? just why? no one should be giving tribute to bjork.

mallyland 03/31/08 12:14 PM

Soo, I don't listen to Bjork; however, Something Corporate's cover of her song "Unravel" is killer.

resrchmnkygrl6 03/31/08 03:05 PM

liars and i get down.

thanks, uncle aaron

Ruggiero2oo8 03/31/08 05:39 PM