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Anton Djamoos 04/02/08 08:21 PM

Broadway Signs to Uprising
Happy hardcore band Broadway have signed with Uprising Records.

Anton Djamoos 04/02/08 08:21 PM

Press Release
Bursting onto the Florida scene, Broadway has been selling out local venues such as "The Social" in Orlando, and "The Capital" in Ocala - riveting audiences with their catchy hooks and sophisticated song structures. At the forefront of a new musical revolution sweeping Florida, Broadway have become a major focal point of attention - a position built through constant interaction with their fans and undying support of the local scene. "We love our fans, they're the reason we make music. Without them, we're just five guys in a garage," remarks singer Misha.
For years, guitarist Nick Trombino and Jake Garland had been making music together, as had best friends, vocalist Misha Camacho and guitarist Jack Fowler. So it seemed like fate, when Nick asked Misha to come sing for Broadway, and then asked him if he knew any guitarists. With a further recommendation from Misha and Jack, old friend and bassist Will Marin joined the mix, and completed the five piece rock band known as Broadway.
Combining the genres of happy hardcore, screamo, and just plain rock, Broadway walks a thin, subtle line that satisfies every taste in alternative music.

That's right, happy hardcore.

irthesteve 04/02/08 08:22 PM

"happy hardcore" oh god...

CstrzRock 04/02/08 08:23 PM

i hate this trend of bands calling themselves happy hardcore

happy hardcore is rave music
this is not happy hardcore
wikipedia it
acts like styles & breeze and dj hixxy are happy hardcore

deetdeet 04/02/08 08:24 PM

awful. but who knows what some studio magic can do..

Foosimoo 04/02/08 08:43 PM

Happy hardcore is not this. This is not happy hardcore.

Justin Link 04/02/08 08:57 PM

what is this chiodos bullshit that bands are doing? chiodos didn't do it right and no one else has either. a few improperly placed breakdowns and double bass pedals doesn't make you a hardcore band.

After Hours 04/02/08 09:03 PM

First time I've heard of this "genre."

tomeuc 04/02/08 09:06 PM

chill out people

getupkid619 04/02/08 09:14 PM

theres nothing happy or hardcore about this band!

gibsonman246 04/02/08 09:16 PM

i like the 'happy hardcore' genre, but this is nottt that genre. its just the same old, scene post hardcore. in my mind, the only two happy hardcore bands that i've heard are four year strong and bangarang. those two do it so well. its pop punk, but played with technique that is similar to the metal-ish hardcore

Lockedinarms 04/02/08 09:24 PM

This was posted a few days ago.


Shoorty0690 04/02/08 09:46 PM

How have I not heard this band before. They're catchy as shit. They remind me a lot of Chiodos, which I like.

And for those beating a dead horse, who cares about how they label themselves. Listen to the music, don't have a shit fit over the "happy hardcore" thing.


I.O pt 2 04/02/08 09:48 PM

I can see this band getting big..the sound is killer

PirateSkater182 04/02/08 10:09 PM

I saw this a few days back?