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Anton Djamoos 04/05/08 12:49 PM

Be Greeley Estates' Roadie for the Day
Hurley is running a contest with Greeley Estates where one winner will win lunch, a chance to hang with the band at Warped Tour as a “roadie”, and a Hurley prize pack. More details can be found here.

lbc182 04/05/08 01:24 PM

Remember when Hurley was cool?

blink182baboon 04/05/08 01:30 PM

I don't want to get paint on me.

PoisonInMyVeins 04/05/08 01:47 PM


Originally Posted by lbc182 (Post 9097475)
Remember when Hurley was cool?

it seems like so long ago.

After Hours 04/05/08 01:47 PM

I don't think that I would want to win this; I have no upper-body strength.

PirateSkater182 04/05/08 02:01 PM

Edit: Be Greeley Estates' Bitch for the Day

parothead310 04/05/08 02:52 PM

Trust me, not that cool of a job. Free show I guess though...

Brett132 04/05/08 03:12 PM

Yes, this would be cool to win.

eHaMpToN 04/05/08 03:56 PM

why couldnt Hurley have been in kahoots with a better band?

wellhello 04/05/08 04:18 PM

god their new album is sooo unreal.
definitely unexpected.

treefortrails 04/05/08 05:27 PM

this band is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo terrible, i cant believe things are still posted about them..... and to the album post..... the studio can work wonders trust me

Kgod 04/05/08 06:15 PM

Greeley Estates is Sooooooooooo( extra o's for effect ) awesome.

Anyways, be roadie for a day and hang out with a band. Free show.. You guys are right Hurley is terrible. Fuck free giveaways.

Clark 04/05/08 09:12 PM

Wouldn't...wouldn't you want to avoid "winning" this?

x janine 04/06/08 08:11 AM

i almost won a contest like this, and the truth is, you arent a roadie
you sit around and follow the band

makeoutmags 04/06/08 11:21 AM

i doubt they will make the winner do actual roadie shit - you'd fuck up the equipment.