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Anton Djamoos 05/08/08 10:28 AM

Matt Pryor Announces Solo Album
Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams) will release his debut solo album, Confidence Man, on July 29th through Vagrant Records. You can hear new track "Loralai" on his myspace, and view the complete track listing below. A full press release can be seen in the replies.

Track Listing

1. Totally New Year
2. Loralai
3. Still There's A Light
4. When The World Stops Turning
5. I'm Sorry Stephan
6. We'll Be Fine
7. Confidence Man
8. I Wouldn't Change A Thing
9. Only
10. Dear Lover
11. Loverís Who Have Lost Their Cause
12. Where Did I Go Wrong
13. On How Our Paths Differ
14. Who Do You Think You Are
15. It Ends Here

Anton Djamoos 05/08/08 10:28 AM

Matt Pryor, the revered frontman for the Get Up Kids and the New Amsterdams, will be releasing his debut solo album, entitled Confidence Man, (Vagrant) July 29th. The 15-track disc was truly a solo effort - Pryor wrote, played, sang, recorded and produced the album from his home studio in Lawrence, Kansas.

Confidence Man is an intimate collection of folk-tinged acoustic songs that strip Pryor’s skillful songwriting down to its bare, emotive minimum. The storylines are less autobiographical and more observant, with a sophisticated twist (especially on the title track and “Loralai”).

“I’ve always wanted to do something that was quieter and acoustic and could be played by one person,” says Pryor. “I just want to have my little folk moment.”

“Loralai” can be heard now at http://www.myspace.com/mattpryorsongs An August tour is in the works and likely will include daytime performances by The Terrible Twos - Pryor’s kids music band with their own new release to be announced shortly.

sarah_gurt 05/08/08 10:36 AM

I must say that I'm enjoying this song and I'm very excited for the cd to come out. Woohoo!

ThatGirl 05/08/08 10:38 AM

as his previous projects have always been some of my favorite music i must say ill probably have to invest in this as well.

I have this one live recording of a show he did in Ann Arbor on tour with Straylight Run and the Format and someone else a few years ago. Amazing.

TomAce 05/08/08 10:55 AM

matt pryor will save the world when the time comes

mynameiscarterr 05/08/08 10:58 AM

This is gonna be good.
I miss the Get Up Kids real bad.

Waltz Whitman 05/08/08 10:59 AM

I'll be getting this. I even enjoyed The Terrible Twos in all of it's strangeness.

cubz84 05/08/08 11:02 AM


spitfire6647 05/08/08 11:15 AM

love this guys voice

catscradle 05/08/08 11:20 AM

i like this...

a lot.

SeanEBoy2686 05/08/08 11:22 AM

i really like it... i hear a more stripped down New Amsterdams sound

dustyfloors 05/08/08 11:23 AM

I'm sure I will love this.

irthesteve 05/08/08 11:55 AM

daytime performances from terrible twos, that is awesome haha

evan324 05/08/08 11:59 AM

matt pryor is amazing.. everything he does is awesome

smoke4thecaper 05/08/08 12:16 PM

Really like this stuff ... this is will be on my shopping list soon.