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pesh1011 08/14/08 08:56 AM

i just got this album. it's pretty sweet.

IXI CHEWIE IXI 08/27/08 05:58 AM

Awesome album
guitar riffs are mind blowing
sick drums
and im all out of adjectives for screaming

if i would have showed up to warped tour 15 minutes earlier i would have seen them live i was pissed.

Punkk_Bitchh 09/19/08 10:48 AM

I love this album!
It is so amazing,
I love the direction they went in this album.
I bought this cd the day it came out,
And it hasnt left my cd player since.

TriangularDuck 05/19/09 06:04 PM

review text does not match the score. at all.

hockeyguitar99 06/05/09 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by TriangularDuck (Post 43573311)
review text does not match the score. at all.

I know. I changed the score once I went back and listened to it months after the review. Realized it was terrible.

bandnamexmyname 05/31/10 06:24 PM

when i read ryan zimmerman i thought of the third baseman for the nationals...

Iseetheocean 12/04/10 02:13 PM

Don't agree with the review, however it is written well.
I really solid album, Zimmerman is one of the best in the genre by far.