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TheOtherAndrew 05/31/08 01:13 AM

Against Me! - The Disco Before the Breakdown
Against Me! - The Disco Before the Breakdown
Record Label: No Idea Records
Release Date: November 2002


Gainesville, Florida punk rockers Against Me!, who went from playing acoustic shows in front of less than fifty people to sold out audiences of thousands within a span of eight years. Their music varies between aggressive political punk and soft introspective songs, but singer/guitarist Tom Gabel's distinctive growl and lyrical style allow the band to stand out in a scene full of punk bands that all aim for the same sound.

How is it?

The Disco Before the Breakdown might best be summed up with one of the last lines on the EP: "This is everything up to now ending." Indeed, this EP was the last release the band put out with their raw sound from the Reinventing Axl Rose-era intact. After this, it was onto more polished efforts like As the Eternal Cowboy and New Wave. The raw sound stands the test of time well, though. The title track features a horn section, adding a boost of energy to a band that is already notorious for powerful performances without one. "Tonight We're Gonna Give it 35%" sounds like it would be right at home on Reinventing Axl Rose, with Gabel screaming "And it was alright, because I thought I knew who everybody was just by looking at them" in an extremely aggressive vocal style that would be utilized less and less with each following release. "Beginning in an Ending" brings the EP to a soft close, giving a unique perspective on a relationship that could only come from Against Me! The three songs here are all real gems, which makes it even more unfortunate that The Disco Before the Breakdown is often overlooked next to the band's full lengths.

Track Listing01. The Disco Before the Breakdown
02. Tonight We're Gonna Give it 35%
03. Beginning in an Ending

Recommended if You Likeany Against Me! material before As the Eternal Cowboy, None More Black


versus_god 06/10/08 02:56 AM

This was the record that got me hooked on Against Me!

"Tonight We're Gonna Give It 35%" is perfect in every way. This shit rules.

CellarGhosts 06/10/08 06:58 AM

Great EP, great review.

AP_Punk 06/10/08 08:57 AM

One of the best things AM! have ever recorded.

monjesse 06/08/09 09:21 PM

this is my favorite Against Me! release.. begining in an ending get me choked up with emotion everytime i listen to it..

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Jeatles 06/05/13 03:45 AM

My second favourite Against Me! release after As the Eternal Cowboy. Beginning In An Ending is one of the most perfect songs ever written.