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Anton Djamoos 06/03/08 07:51 PM

A Loss For Words Cover The Movielife
A Loss for Words have posted a cover of the song "Face or Kneecaps" by The Movielife on their myspace.

iambmann 06/03/08 07:56 PM


francescaa 06/03/08 07:56 PM

Never heard of this band before. Not really feeling the cover but their stuff sounds alright.

iambmann 06/03/08 07:59 PM


quitmyscene 06/03/08 08:04 PM

i forgot this band existed, which is sort of sad because i used to see them all the time.

that being said: they're playing in my town the 15th? that's so weird.

anyhizzy 06/03/08 08:04 PM


Paris1nFlames 06/03/08 08:14 PM

this is bad... i only like the gang vocals they added

Protested Hero 06/03/08 08:17 PM

I love these guys. I've seen em a few times in the area. Nice cover.

bigrockusa 06/03/08 08:23 PM

At first I wasn't a big fan of this one. It sounds like a really rough demo at points (especially in the vox). But I like the harmonies a lot, and the gang vocals are cool! The lead singer is very Thrice - artist in the ambulance-ish on it.

I ended up liking it

lostfear 06/03/08 08:39 PM

I like the cover, it's hard to imitate the movielife. so I give the props for even pulling off somewhat decently. and I love their originals.

elemenohpe 06/03/08 08:46 PM

thanks for posting this anton.

these guys are fucking awesome... they stayed with me for 3 days and we had a sick time. we're playing with them again on june 25th and my entire band is super pumped.

the movielife is awesome and this cover is damn good.

southparktvma 06/03/08 08:56 PM

These dudes rule. Hardest working band in MA. Matty's vocals in the cover sound like he's really trying to be Vinnie. Check out their original songs.

walshknilb281 06/03/08 09:07 PM

these guys deserve some attention, they've been around forever

JordanLML 06/03/08 09:44 PM

great band

MUSEUMS_HQ 06/03/08 09:56 PM

nice dudes