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Susan Frances 06/16/08 12:54 PM

A Dream Too Late - Intermission to the Moon
A Dream Too LateIntermission To The Moon
Record Label: Tooth and Nail Records
Release Date: November 6, 2007

Ambient rock has captured another prisoner that of A Dream Too Late. The band’s latest record Intermission To The Moon is a perfect adventure that satisfies people’s desire to stimulate their senses and their need to soothe their souls in melodic funnels. There is a slight pop-punk edge in their rhythms and new wave propulsions kicking the movements into gear like in “Trendsetter.” The album has relevance in what is happening now with lyrics like, “I want to change from the inside out,” from the song “The Life.” This album’s time is now.

The album has shots of melodic-pop and ambient climates circulating through “14th & Knott” and “Do You Believe (In Ghosts),” while other tracks have a deeper intensity like “City Park” and “Be Honest.” The title track is a sonic meteor shower of glittering keys played by the band’s keyboardist Garrett Pifer and their producer Steve Wilson. The twinkles in the starlight guitar effects of Kody Roth and band member Chris Eddie flicker rhythmically while tapered by the vocal inflections of lead singer Reid Anderson. The rhythm section of drummer Josh Shroy and the band’s producer Steve Wilson on bass guitar sustain an embracing throbbing, which acts as the glue that holds the frayed lines, glinting chords, and ambient passages together like in the power rock tune “Airsick.” The band takes the album to a coasting gait suspending gentle soundscapes that sparkle shyly along “A Night Polaris,” while intermittently disrupted by speeding gusts of movements running through the chorus parts. There is definitely a sense that Anderson captains these melodies and that the chord changes and rhythmic flow bends to his command.

A Dream Too Late made an album with enough ambient rock elements to make it pleasing and enough hard rock gusts to make it enticing. The album feels like an adventure well worth your time. Intermission To The Moon’s time is now with ambient piping and hard rock infused froths that have meaning in the present.

Recommended if You LikeHundred Year Storm, Innerparty System, Inkwell.


cereal4life 06/17/08 07:19 PM

I think I might have to check this badboy out.

birthstoned 06/19/08 09:52 AM

totally impressed with this release. I always enjoy tooth and nail's album's, and this is just another to add to the (mostly) beautiful catalog that they have brewing.

Heart-A-Tact 06/20/08 12:23 AM

I never got around to checking this one out, so thank you for reminding me.

makeasound 06/30/08 01:06 PM

I was really surprised at how much I enjoy this record. The title track is kind of misleading because it's so ridiculously poppy (IMO), but the album as a whole is pretty solid.

Don't think I'd put it with Innerpartysystem, as it doesn't take the ambience and electronics that far, but I definitely agree with your review :-)

sowrongitsryan 06/30/08 01:24 PM

riyl innerpartysystem?
great review. these guys really got me when i saw their video on gospel music channel.

makeasound 06/30/08 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by sowrongitsryan (Post 12032791)
riyl innerpartysystem?
great review. these guys really got me when i saw their video on gospel music channel.

That's how I discovered them... I saw the "Intermission To The Moon" video on GMC and decided to check them out.

Royal 06/30/08 05:43 PM

I really tried to like these guys, I only liked 14th and knott. maybe I should try them again sometime.

genericmadness 07/01/08 02:56 AM

Man, I forgot these guys existed. Why have tooth + nail been so quiet about them?