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Anton Djamoos 06/19/08 12:19 PM

Anberlin New Surrender Pre-Order Info
Anberlin's New Surrender may not be out until late September, but the band is going to be offering an interesting pre-order on this summer's Warped Tour. For $15, you will be able to purchase a pre-order USB wristband that contains four exclusive tracks, "Breaking (Alternate Acoustic Remix)," "Hello Alone (Remix)," "Unwinding Cable Car (Remix)" and "Feel Good Drag (Remix)." More information can be found in the replies.

Anton Djamoos 06/19/08 12:20 PM

Anberlin are back with New Surrender, their new album, scheduled to release September 30th on Universal Republic. After working for years exclusively with longtime producer/friend Aaron Sprinkle this time around the band decided to enlist legendary producer Neal Avron (Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, New Found Glory) to capture their sound.

Although the album won't be available until the end of September, Anberlin can be found all summer long on the main stage of this year's Vans Warped Tour, where they will be showcasing some of the new material. Available exclusively on the tour - a USB wristband that will be used as an exclusive pre-order for their Universal Republic debut. The retail price on tour will be $15.00 and it will bring fans 4 exclusive tracks containing remixes and alternate versions of material from both old & new albums. The content includes “Breaking (Alternate Acoustic Remix)," "Hello Alone (Remix)," "Unwinding Cable Car (Remix)” and “Feel Good Drag (Remix).” Anberlin will also send out surprise content to fans who buy the wristband via email once they register online after purchase. The wristband will also contain a link in which the purchaser can redeem a unique pin number that will enable fans to enter their email address and receive a full album download of New Surrender on street date.

TMS2787 06/19/08 12:22 PM

I don't think this is a very good package. I'll just wait to buy the album when it comes out.

tonighttonight0 06/19/08 12:23 PM

Only a download? What a gyp.

francescaa 06/19/08 12:25 PM

I will be getting me one of these but urgh, I like having the actual CD! This looks the same as the Jack's Mannequin Bamboozle pre-orders - I'm paying for the digital download to get the extras but I'm still going to have to buy a copy of the CD for my collection. But ah well, that's two of my favourite bands right there so I'm okay with it.

jenny_ell 06/19/08 12:27 PM

lmao metro station had those wrist band things. i'd buy it but i'd rather just buy the physical copy of the album

hailthewarrior 06/19/08 12:35 PM

i like the idea.

Merkin 06/19/08 12:35 PM

15 bucks, ehhh

GetWellBoss 06/19/08 12:39 PM

it just doesnt seem worth it....

counting_saturn 06/19/08 12:40 PM

I actually thing this is a really great idea. I would be willing to be that it pays off for Universal.

katieissweet 06/19/08 12:45 PM

It's a really cool idea, but with a cd like this you really want the physical copy. So it's like paying $15 for some extra things then going and buying the actual cd for $9.99-$11.99. I'll still probably do it though.

singlexsorrow 06/19/08 12:48 PM

I don't really dig remixes so.....yeah...but I can't wait to hear the new material though!

zubinmoosa 06/19/08 12:50 PM

b-sides thread for those bonus tracks!

awakeohsleeper 06/19/08 12:50 PM

I've never really been a fan of remixes. Not worth it in my opinion, especially when the album is only a download at the end. It's all about holding the actual CD!

MyWorldEntire 06/19/08 12:51 PM

So is Feel Good Drag actually on the album or is it an extra track?