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Julia Conny 06/27/08 06:43 PM

The Icelandic Dream Team, For Free
This Saturday, July 28th, Sigur Rós and Björk will play the Náttúra Festival in Iceland. But before you rush to purchase plane tickets, National Geographic will webcast the concert footage for free starting at 3 p.m. EST.

absolutecrunk 06/27/08 06:50 PM

And here I thought they were the only people in the whole country, and as it turns out it's the most developed nation in the world.

How bout that?

scartissue7777 06/27/08 06:53 PM

dont they mean this saturday.. june 28th?

Gumbyjag 06/27/08 07:37 PM

can't wait.

caseyonthecoast 06/27/08 08:46 PM

i will be watching this for sure.

jakeonaplane 06/27/08 08:58 PM


Halloween413 06/27/08 09:35 PM

I can't understand them. But for some reason I don't care. Should be good.

oldwirehands 06/27/08 09:56 PM

Last minute plane tickets to Iceland are hard to get and expensive. I looked into it lol. One day I will live and die there.

Domenic182 06/27/08 11:52 PM

Top it off with mum.

Praetor 06/28/08 07:47 AM

Such a beautiful country from the little I've seen, if you haven't I highly suggest that you buy Sigur Ros' new DVD, Heima. Even if you can't stand their music it's worth the purchase for the landscapes, some of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

Praetor 06/28/08 07:48 AM

And silly Julia, it's still June.

dontfront 06/28/08 03:17 PM

thats when you know you've made it pretty good with your music... playing a show with Björk, while National Geographic is filming you. Sweeet.

i'm a big deal. 06/28/08 11:02 PM

glad i didnt rush to buy plane tickets :)