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paul1_e 07/25/08 05:52 PM

how ironic

SavingNovember 07/25/08 06:13 PM

As long as they're not breaking up

JackSlapFear 07/25/08 08:08 PM


Originally Posted by georgianna (Post 14919371)
good, he was kind of an asshole.

he is far from it, why would you say that

heatherg 07/25/08 08:18 PM

awww im sad to see chris go, but i am sure it is better for the band this way. Who ever gets picked to be the new kid is one of the luckiest people ever, these guys are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

and on another note so excited for everything coming out and such, these guys deserve all the attention that they have been getting


thespearkid 07/25/08 08:25 PM

Is it just me, or did these guys name drop Tate in their video for First one on the Blog?

CPF--FBR 07/25/08 09:27 PM

im upset, now.
i love Farewell.
and Chris was fun!
imma miss him.

Sharkboyyy! 07/25/08 10:59 PM

Great dudes, great band. Sad to see them lose a member.

Either way, these dudes definitely deserve the success they're getting. I've been a fan since back when they were just a little local band and they've been working hard at it for such a long time, it's good to see them getting so much recognition.

fadedmemories 07/26/08 06:06 AM


Originally Posted by Casanova, Baby! (Post 14904921)
Sad. Of all of "these kinds" of bands, I think Farewell are the best.


hope the search for a new keyboardist goes well, and goodluck on the new video!

jr.cheddar-ape 07/26/08 07:49 AM


Originally Posted by birtcho (Post 14932071)
that sucks. he wrote some very good synth on that album

I read that Marshall wrote all of the synth and Chris wrote all the piano.

KARPE 07/26/08 07:50 AM

Shit, I was telling him at warped, the next time they record I wanted to hear more of him on the tracks. He's good but too quite on the album, but live he fucking rocked my face off.

I'm pretty handy with the presets on a keyboard... should I try out?

ThatGirl 07/26/08 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by georgianna (Post 14919371)
good, he was kind of an asshole.

I was attempting to refrain from posting in this thread, but your comment makes me change my mind. In defense of a guy whom I've called a friend of mine for somewhere around 3 years I disagree with you. You should refrain from calling people names like that when you don't know them well enough to form an opinion. Chris is an awesome person. I'm of the opinion that if you don't have anything nice or at the very least respectful to say you ought not to say it at all.

nfgluver1423 07/26/08 01:05 PM

wow, considering I interviewed Will and buddy last week and asked them about Chris, they just said he had problems crossing the border and that was it. Sucks to see him leave, especially since he had a pretty big part in singing in some of the songs as well as he obv. rocked on keys.

megan0507 07/26/08 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by RetardedInLove (Post 14917351)
Seriously can we go one day without someone leaving a band or a band breaking up??

Thats what I'm saying

Joe DeAndrea 07/26/08 01:53 PM

88's as a single = world domination.

vegas skies 07/27/08 07:43 AM

awww that's sad.
what cover song?