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Joe DeAndrea 07/26/08 09:33 AM

Bad Rabbits Launch New Myspace / Songs
Bad Rabbits have launched a new myspace with new songs produced by Mike Poorman.

p, FRY 07/26/08 09:53 AM

SUCH a good fucking band.

heaven+hell 07/26/08 10:05 AM

Bad Rabbits Bad Rabbits Bad Rabbits

theappreeshpost 07/26/08 04:42 PM

sounds rad. it's nice to see a band making unique music these days.

goodlives12 07/26/08 06:38 PM

taking the world by storm soon enough

fortyparachutes 07/27/08 02:16 AM

never gonna be as good as Frightened Rabbit.

errant_feces 07/27/08 02:59 PM

bad rabbits bad rabbits bad rabbits!!!!

Arthur Ashy 07/28/08 05:46 PM

These dudes are sick.. I heard about them at the Warped tour in Boston, Travis from Gym Class was talking about them

poundwise 07/29/08 07:00 AM

The lead singer is a tool.

errant_feces 07/29/08 10:46 PM

who is a tool?
jihad jenkins?