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Matthew Tsai 08/03/08 02:03 PM

Send, The - Cosmos
The Send - Cosmos
Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Release Date: July 31, 2007

Smooch, smooch, kiss, kiss, Kisselburgh (Joseph Kisselburgh) is the name of the man behind the lovely The Send (please, overlook the obviously lacking first line hook). The frizzy haired, Anderson Varejao look-alike is best known as a previous member of nu-metal outfit Falling Up. While the latter has only recently "matured" to explore more experimental territories with Captiva, The Send beat the band to maturity with its indie pop debut Cosmos. With Tooth & Nail Records continuing to sign bands no one else will sign in a billion years, The Send easily reside as one of the better bands on the label, and Cosmos successfully proves this.

A quick glance at the track listing reminds me of an old English professor who used to love the book Lord of the Flies partly because of its "cool chapter titles." Titles like "Fire Colors," "Dawn or Dusk," and even "The Fall" certainly do sound like they would fit in this category. The music, however, is nothing like the brutal savagery depicted in the book. As mentioned earlier, The Send are an indie pop band recalling the likes of Death Cab for Cutie and Dashboard Confessional here and there. Aside from the typical band instruments, we also hear acoustic guitars and keys throughout the album.

So as to not confuse readers, Cosmos is not an indie indie record. This was one of the more accessible albums released in 2007. From the opening verse of "Need" to the very last vocals of "In Repose," listeners will be singing along to the melodies (please don't assume this album is anything as "indie" as Danielson). Most of these songs have the potential to be singles, with "Fairweather" and "An Epiphany" actually being singles. Each is catchy, moody, and ambient and each is a perfect listen for any season, mood, or feeling.

Now that we've spent a little (perhaps too much) time establishing some sound and background, let's cut straight to the point. The Send - Cosmos. Good? Yup. How so? The production is exactly what an album like this needs and Kisselburgh's vocals are absolutely wonderful (soft when they need to be; urgent when they need to be and never confusing the two). Are there any faults? It could definitely use some more originality, but if the goal is reach a wider audience, I say stick with the formula. In other words, there are few faults.

You can't go wrong with Cosmos. It's very likable and while it may lack staying power, Tooth & Nail also made a terrible mistake in under-advertising this record. The Send, though the band will probably not live long enough to see seven or eight records, will only become increasingly popular from Cosmos. Choose this over any Falling Up releases so far.

Recommended if You LikeDeath Cab for Cutie, Dashboard Confessional, moody pop rock


scmaley 08/14/08 03:50 PM

One of my friends recommended this to me, not too long ago. I've liked what I've heard, but it is a little moody for my tastes. But what I heard was solid.