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Paul Tao 08/08/08 12:31 PM

Free Blood Releasing Debut Album
Free Blood (ex-!!!) will be releasing their debut album The Singles on September 30th through Rong Music/DFA Records.

01) Never Hear Surf Music Again
02) Quick and Painful
03) Grumpy
04) Royal Family
05) Parangatang
06) Weekend Condition
07) Never Hear Surf Music Again (Barfly Mix)
08) Weekend Condition (Scotty Coats and Wes The Mes Mix)
09) Royal Family (Brothers Mix)
10) Grumpy (Greg Wilson Mix)
11) Parangatang (Tim Love Lee Mix)

cory-182 08/08/08 02:40 PM

Why would they change their name? !!! was a cool name.

jonnyalmagest 08/08/08 02:44 PM

I think he means it's comprised of people who used to be in !!!, because I know !!! is still touring under that name currently.

On a side note, I dig the songs on their myspace, they sound more like "Louden Up Now" which was a lot more energetic and cool than "Myth Takes".