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Joe DeAndrea 08/17/08 08:01 PM

Bands on TV: Week of August 18th, 2008
Here are the bands on your television this coming week. Check your local listings for showtimes.
Bands on TV8/18 - Phantom Planet on Craig Ferguson [*CBS]
8/18 - Tyga on Jimmy Kimmel [*ABC]
8/19 - The Hold Steady on Craig Ferguson [*CBS]
8/19 - N.E.R.D. on David Letterman [*CBS]
8/20 - The Gaslight Anthem on Steven's Untitled Rock Show [FUSE]
8/21 - Dillinger Escape Plan on The Daily Habit [FUEL]
8/21 - The Academy Is... on TRL (Video Premiere) [MTV]
8/23 - Cobra Starship, Say Anything, Every Time I Die on Steven's Untitled Rock Show [*FUSE]

iAMhollyood315 08/17/08 08:10 PM

im down for some ETID on fuse.

BigAl 08/17/08 08:11 PM

Mmm mmm, I'd love me some Say Anything.

WhoSaidThat? 08/17/08 08:22 PM

N*E*R*D* and Say Anything. :woot:

arson 08/17/08 08:26 PM

what TAI video is bring premiered?

Angela23116 08/17/08 08:26 PM

what does the asterisk mean?

Anthony Lutz 08/17/08 08:27 PM

I'll have to tune into Steven's Untitled Rock Show...

Goat01 08/17/08 08:33 PM

I can go for some more of The Hold Steady.
But weren't they just on Craig Ferguson?
Or does the asterik mean it's a repeat?

katieissweet 08/17/08 08:48 PM

Every Time I Die and Say Anything.

spezialk 08/17/08 08:50 PM

TYGA.. nice!

firewater 08/17/08 08:57 PM

TAI vid is most likely "About a Girl"

refgirl23 08/17/08 09:13 PM

If TRL is now at 11 like I think it is...I could work it in for a Thursday premiere.

Though I'm really excited that I finally have cable in my apartment so I can watch The Gaslight Anthem. I've been listening to The '59 Sound on myspace and loving it.

vegas skies 08/17/08 09:13 PM

Phantom Planet (:
that SURS is old.

mrnegativezero 08/17/08 09:14 PM

Say Anything on the Untitled, pretty sweet. Hopefully I'll actually watch the Untitled this week. I missed it all last week, meaning I missed out on Underoath. Sucks. Need to wake up earlier...

I'm also wondering along with everyone else what the asterisk means.

Co and Ca 08/17/08 09:19 PM

Every Time I Die!