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Anton Djamoos 08/18/08 05:53 PM

Decaydance Records Website Hacked?
What is up with Decaydance Records' website? Who are Citizens for Our Betterment?

chazburgr 08/18/08 05:55 PM


RockVocalPower 08/18/08 05:55 PM

Poor Peter.

Moritz421 08/18/08 05:58 PM


Andrew Love 08/18/08 05:58 PM


ESundy36 08/18/08 05:59 PM

Crazy, I just hope this isn't some crappy Decaydance viral marketing scheme.

tomgreen680 08/18/08 06:00 PM

awesome and kinda cool. pwned

krischel 08/18/08 06:01 PM

it's kinda cool looking how you can see the bands and stuff

HCO SF 87 08/18/08 06:07 PM

they were hacked..decaydence sent out a myspace bulletin saying so.

abusedcat 08/18/08 06:08 PM

Viral marketing?
New Fall Out Boy record?

pleasegoodmusic 08/18/08 06:16 PM

Viral marketing. You can even tell by the tone of the news post.

bgkersey 08/18/08 06:19 PM

Citizens For Our Betterment ads graffitied all over NY.

Jeff_Ryan 08/18/08 06:20 PM

For Our Betterment
Fall Out Boy????

thespearkid 08/18/08 06:24 PM

Lame all around but the page looks sort of cool.

lastchancegdbye 08/18/08 06:25 PM