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becauseyouwant2 08/26/08 04:27 PM

Can't be any worse than the first single of Terrance Howard's upcoming album.

Gumbyjag 08/26/08 04:29 PM

haha it'll be good.

foisol 08/26/08 04:54 PM

I wanna hear this.

blindrider529 08/26/08 05:14 PM

He's a great singer. I used to wonder why he wasn't putting out albums instead of being on whose line is it anyway.

rendylove 08/26/08 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by Burning Star IV (Post 18453481)
Whose Line Is It Anyways >>>>> R&B

i was toootaaallyy just going to say something about Whose Line Is It Anways!
i love that show so much

Shrillex 08/26/08 06:56 PM

if them album dont sell hes going to choke a bitch

.KillMoneen. 08/26/08 07:28 PM

to be honest, i just checked out the songs on his website, sounds pretty dope. Some baby making music thats forsure.

waterxdamage 08/26/08 10:30 PM

He's a good singer, why not?

Jaynicgurl 08/26/08 10:35 PM


Originally Posted by NorthstarPark (Post 18467241)
I sampled his single on itunes awhile ago, homeboy has a good voice. He's the one celebrity singer that deserves to sell well. I hope his sales blow Paris's away.... just like she blew that one guy in that one film. Oh shat! Anyways back on Brady, while I dont care for his sound, I really do wish him sucess being that he can really sing (unlike that one bitch I just metioned)

Haha So true.

I'm not ashamed to say I love Wayne Brady. Dude is talented. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Who's Line is it Anyway?, I could watch that show for hours straight.

xScrewed@Birthx 08/26/08 10:51 PM