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Paul Tao 09/12/08 11:58 AM

Now You Can Properly Dress Like Maya
M.I.A. now has her own clothing line.

SSLYBY 09/12/08 12:00 PM

I like the song paper planes.

Edit: Just looked at the clothes. ..Seriously wtf?

AlmostACrime 09/12/08 12:00 PM

albeit a very expensive clothing line.

nicky123 09/12/08 12:02 PM

Only $75 for a shirt? sweet

twitchyfingers 09/12/08 12:04 PM

It's very... colorful? Some of the designs hurt my eyes.

TalkShowsOnMute 09/12/08 12:05 PM

lmao that shit is just hideous

NJ101 09/12/08 12:07 PM

I refuse to bring the 80s back

ethosdinosaur 09/12/08 12:07 PM

i want that mexican body suit soooo fucking bad

jenny_ell 09/12/08 12:09 PM

lol wow.
i wanted one of those foil shirts at her show but they were like 35 dollars.. and now they are 40 on the website. so fucking expensive. not to mention i paid 35 dollars for the ticket to her show and the show should have been at a way smaller venue, it didnt even sell out the main floor

Paul Tao 09/12/08 12:09 PM

I want the Islamic hoodie

drewz5 09/12/08 12:10 PM

these would be rad if they weren't so much money

Mattylikesfilms 09/12/08 12:13 PM


good luck bitch

youareallfreaks 09/12/08 12:15 PM

i'd rather buy a tank of gas

Xe1881 09/12/08 12:16 PM

The Prices?

This stuff is for people with more money than sense.

TMS2787 09/12/08 12:26 PM

Whoa, interesting. I'm buying all of them...