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Rob Hrx 09/13/08 11:42 AM

Haha, good music, but no way...

buysoap 09/13/08 01:54 PM

Now I can fly like paper and get high like planes!

screamoutmyname 09/13/08 03:37 PM

along with everyone else in music.

the only thing that is setting her apart right now are the ridiculous prices

1mwm3 09/13/08 04:10 PM

I hope those figures are in Pesos... Even if there is a $ in front.

jkaminallen 09/13/08 04:32 PM

Ugly clothes by an ugly person for uglier persons.

SJms1026 09/13/08 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by themostdeplete (Post 20288071)
ahahaha, win.

she retired.

I know, but..I still want new music. I bet she'll be back.

Ryzenfall 09/13/08 11:33 PM

All i wanna do is * * *
make clothes
and take your money.

Gumbyjag 09/14/08 01:42 AM


Plunk 09/14/08 04:59 AM

Now that I've seen this, I want to go blind right now! Ouch!!!

puNk_tHeoRy 09/14/08 08:47 AM

they look like stuff only eccentric gay men wear.

phuckshietass 09/14/08 09:24 AM

wow i didnt think we would see a clothing line that is more of a rip-off of the maine/hurley shirt so soon!

TeamAllison 09/14/08 12:42 PM

Woah woah woah?! 75 bucks for t-shirts reminiscent of the uniforms on Legends of the Hidden Temple?!

No thank you.

XchrisX 09/15/08 02:52 AM

I would wear this if it wasn't so expensive