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Rohan Kohli 09/15/08 07:13 AM

Four Letter Lie Posts Video For "Cake Eater"
Four Letter Lie's self-made video for "Cake Eater" can be seen in the replies.

Rohan Kohli 09/15/08 07:14 AM

Cody Nelson 09/15/08 07:17 AM

Wow. I've never gotten like the first non-staff post before. but it's on one of my least favorite bands ever. god, I'm lucky. These guys are terrible. And they're from Minnesota too. Yay, me.

richie 09/15/08 07:22 AM

whoa, really bad.

allenispunk 09/15/08 07:33 AM

Nice try guys.

Chainsaw 09/15/08 07:38 AM

In their defense their first cd was nowhere near as terrible as this newer one... but still wasn't very good.

That video is pathetic.

timothyonfire 09/15/08 07:54 AM

i did enjoy the part where the drummer went into the wall and just fell, but i laugh when anyone goes down.

cubz84 09/15/08 07:56 AM

i guess you guys missed the part where it says it was "self-made."

Coverbydesign 09/15/08 08:08 AM

wow all of you people hating need to get over yourself and quick

I use to hate on this band so much till I saw them live when they open for Dance Gavin Dance.And it change my thoughts on this band so much. They put on a very nice live show and it backs up that they are a legit band.

So really quick being butthurt and hating and get over yourself

second off

How can you hate on a band that did a music video involving Mighty Ducks:D2

tomzenns 09/15/08 08:14 AM

this video rules
the music is great
the guys are amazing

plus come on...the term "cake eater" was from the Mighty Ducks!


croet 09/15/08 08:19 AM

self made or not. its horrible.

ActionActionFan 09/15/08 08:20 AM

Best song on their new album but that doesn't say that much.

Edit: The video isn't bad for being self made.

popdisaster00 09/15/08 08:26 AM

awful band is awful.

SomedayTheFire 09/15/08 08:28 AM

if they got a better screamer and idn't use him as much this band would be good

SpotlightsMN 09/15/08 08:30 AM

I think they use Kevin and Brian very evenly and affectively. Yes, the video kinda sucks but it's self made. Overall they're a solid band.