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Brandon Herbel 12/27/04 09:59 AM

Remedy For Ruin - 12.27.04
First off, what’s everyone’s name and what do you do in the band?

Gabe: I play the drums.
Jon Ball: bass
Erik Slemon: I play guitar and sing. We are all equally involved in writing and creating.

So, I read on your website and I see that you guys are from all over the United States. How did you guy meet each other and start the band?

Gabe: Jon and me are both from New York and played in different bands within the Rockland County scene back in the day. Our bands played a lot of shows together. I ran into him years later at a show in Boulder, Colorado.

Erik: Yeah, I was at that show with Gabe. It was funny I remember Jon got kicked out for dancing too hard. And that was the first time I met Jon Ball.

Jon: I was so pumped when I ran into Gabe and met Erik, because I was searching for the right kids to play music with.

I used to live in Colorado, and they had a lot of shows but not a lot of bands that were making a name for themselves, Have you guys felt it hard to get your music out there or get a home town response?

Gabe: Colorado was a great place for us to start the band. We loved creating music in such a beautiful environment.

Jon: Out in Colorado we played as many shows as possible, we got radio support, and built a solid fan-base. After making many road trips to New York City to play shows at places like CBGB’s and Arlene’s Grocery, we realized that we wanted to base ourselves there. New York is home for two of us, and is a killer place to live.

Gabe: We have a lot of support here in New York.

Erik: Yeah, we are now resting in New York, but consider the van our home. Our goal has always been to be constantly be on tour. We call many places home.

I really enjoy the artwork on the album cover, is there a deeper meaning behind it?

Gabe: The music we create has always been influenced by our surroundings and where we live: From Colorado, to New York, to tour and beyond. The artwork reflects this journey, both musical and personal.

Erik: Our music means everything to us, and when we were preparing to record our debut album we really wanted it to be a complete package: From the music, to the lyrics, to the artwork; all it if has meaning. Our boy, Jim Farsetta hooked it up.

Jon: Our music is a reflection of our lives and the artwork is a reflection of the music.

With the end of 2004 coming up, what would your favorite album out this year.

Erik: I would definitely have to say Unearth’s “The Oncoming Storm”.

Gabe: Bad Religion- The Empire Strikes First..

Jon: I’m really feelin the My Chemical Romance- Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

Are there any big tour plans for Remedy For Ruin in the coming months?
Gabe: We are planning on being on tour all year long. We have a bunch of big shows coming up at the beginning of the year, starting with New Years in Steamboat Colorado. We are also playing with Hawthorn Heights and Spitalfield on Jan. 11th in CT, among others. Then we hit the road in Feb. for a full U.S. tour.

Jon: I am looking forward to the funk of the van.

How did you guys come across I Love Records?

Jon: One of our boys from back in the day got word of the band and happened to be starting a record label. I Love Records was exactly what we were looking for. They recorded our album, continue to get us on the road, and encourage our different musical ideas. We have always wanted to do this with family and people close to us and that is exactly how it set up right now. From the record label, management, production/recording, booking, to artwork; all of it is done with our closest friends.

[b[What were everyone’s musical influences growing up?[/b]

Erik: I was always influenced by rock music in general. I was into the local Miami scene with bands like Foolproof, Milkshed or The Agency. I loved any punk rock I could get my hands on – Operation Ivy, Rancid, Minor Threat, DK, The Descendents, Lagwagon, NOFX. I loved Nirvana, too. Their music will always mean a lot to me.

Jon: I loved metal when I was younger, and then around ‘90 I found n.y.h.c. it had the energy and scene I was looking for, but hands down, iron maiden is my favorite. these days though, I am mostly influenced by Gibe, Erik, and all the positive people around me. musicians or not.

Gabe: When I was growing up I got introduced to New York Hardcore early in High School. After that, I was hooked. I loved the energy and the message. I was also very influenced by the local Rockland County scene. There were a lot of great musicians and bands doing different stuff.

How do you feel about the music scene these days?

Jon: Things are different now. Technology has advanced so much since our other bands back in the day. It used to be about fast-dubbing as many demos as possible in order to hand them out at shows just to get your music out there. Now, the internet allows us to reach people across the world way before they get a chance to see us live. It’s a little less personal, but we try to make that up at shows by meeting as many people as possible.

Erik: There are some real positive things going on. We are incredibly lucky to be involved.

Do you have any last words to say to all the readers?

To anyone who took the time to learn a little more about us we look forward to meeting you in your town on tour. Scrape the sky.

em0_stars 12/29/04 12:21 PM

I saw these guys in Danbury, they opened for Boys Night Out. They were decent.