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Tony Pascarella 09/18/08 11:56 AM

Absolute 100 Pick Finishes Second in Gretsch Contest
One of the members of this year's Absolute 100, Boston's Lansdowne were named the first prize winner in Gretsch's Unsigned Artist Competition, winning $5,000 in Gretsch instruments. Congratulations to Lansdowne and the grand prize winner, Gainesville, Florida's Colourslide.

blindrider529 09/18/08 12:04 PM

I heard about this band from the Absolute 100 list and I really like them.

jnnlopez 09/18/08 12:54 PM

Oh cool. Colourslide is awesome too.

Mike Oxmall 09/18/08 02:59 PM

If anyone here knows the retail on grestch guitars, the didn't win much...

But Congrats none the less!

JulieLynn 09/18/08 06:15 PM

I'm so happy for my boys!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

singlexsorrow 09/19/08 12:07 AM

Cool, congrats!

WFUJerseyJon 09/19/08 07:31 AM

That's awesome, good work Julie!

i'm a big deal. 09/21/08 08:37 AM