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AdamChildress 10/11/08 09:48 AM

I am excited to hear this as well....if it is true.

godzillany 10/11/08 10:20 AM

if its anything like "I've Seen It All" it'll be flawless

FreddyKrueger 10/11/08 11:50 AM

Imagine the level or weird in that room

Say Nothing 10/11/08 01:05 PM

If it's Thom Yorke then it should be interesting..

con40dmitri 10/11/08 01:39 PM

he's really spacy

meroki22 10/11/08 02:53 PM

"I've Seen it All" was such a beautiful song. I can't imagine this not being just as good.

cory-182 10/11/08 07:27 PM

That Radiohead icon threw me off. I read the headline as "New Radiohead single to feature Thom Yorke".

Holly HoX! 10/12/08 01:17 PM


benbjork 10/12/08 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by Gumbyjag (Post 23171292)
eh, Bjork's alright.

Thanks, man.

Gumbyjag 10/12/08 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by benbjork (Post 23278272)
Thanks, man.

haha :buddies: