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Joe DeAndrea 10/10/08 05:31 PM

New Bjork Single to Feature Thom Yorke
Bjork's new single will be featuring Thom Yorke on backing vocals, but according to Radiohead's management, Yorke hasn't recorded anything new with her.

bears clap loud 10/10/08 05:35 PM

shoot, that's pretty scene; having vocals featured without those vocals ever being recorded. sweeet.

irthesteve 10/10/08 05:40 PM


DogSizedBird 10/10/08 06:20 PM

anything featuring thom is recipe for amazing.

hughesst 10/10/08 06:32 PM


tait 10/10/08 07:02 PM

uh oh

TheBaroness 10/10/08 07:21 PM

I hope this works out, it will be eargasmic

c_rob2700 10/10/08 07:29 PM

So she's sampling a Radiohead song i take it

johnh5304 10/10/08 07:31 PM

This isn't the first time they've done a song together. I just hope it's better than 75% of Volta.

Chromefox 10/10/08 10:21 PM

Sounds fitting.


Originally Posted by hughesst (Post 23148052)

I lol'd.

huntingbears 10/10/08 10:33 PM

id like to hear

So So Gigolo 10/11/08 01:20 AM

....Dancer in the Dark anyone?


no ones seen it?

Do yourself a favor watch the movie, listen to the soundtrack.

<3 Bjork.

Gumbyjag 10/11/08 01:37 AM

eh, Bjork's alright.

tommyhaych 10/11/08 06:39 AM

Forget that hardron collider shit, putting 2 remarkably experimental songwriters in one room will kill the universe!

i'm a big deal. 10/11/08 08:37 AM


AdamChildress 10/11/08 09:48 AM

I am excited to hear this as well....if it is true.

godzillany 10/11/08 10:20 AM

if its anything like "I've Seen It All" it'll be flawless

FreddyKrueger 10/11/08 11:50 AM

Imagine the level or weird in that room

Say Nothing 10/11/08 01:05 PM

If it's Thom Yorke then it should be interesting..

con40dmitri 10/11/08 01:39 PM

he's really spacy

meroki22 10/11/08 02:53 PM

"I've Seen it All" was such a beautiful song. I can't imagine this not being just as good.

cory-182 10/11/08 07:27 PM

That Radiohead icon threw me off. I read the headline as "New Radiohead single to feature Thom Yorke".

Holly HoX! 10/12/08 01:17 PM


benbjork 10/12/08 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by Gumbyjag (Post 23171292)
eh, Bjork's alright.

Thanks, man.

Gumbyjag 10/12/08 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by benbjork (Post 23278272)
Thanks, man.

haha :buddies: