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Steve Henderson 10/14/08 09:21 AM

Thom Yorke/Bjork Song Online
Bjork's new song with Thom Yorke (Radiohead) can be heard here.

genericmadness 10/14/08 09:27 AM

I wonder if there will be warbling.

Un'Aria Ancora 10/14/08 09:31 AM

Was hoping for more of a vocal showcase but whatever

Anthony Lutz 10/14/08 09:31 AM

I hate Bjork.

TheDaveCarlson 10/14/08 09:34 AM

I like Bjork..but I just couldn't get into this. The beat wasn't a rhythm to me.. but I am super white!

SuNDaYSTaR 10/14/08 10:02 AM

Way too many percussion sounds for me to enjoy. Cool nevertheless.

livelearnlove 10/14/08 11:06 AM

Choppy 4/4 was a bit excessive....
I wanted a bit more vocals from thom though =/

marchofmarty 10/14/08 12:21 PM

I've tried many times to get in to Bjork and just can't do it.

i'm a big deal. 10/14/08 01:53 PM

It's iffy.

mrnegativezero 10/14/08 04:11 PM

Last I heard was that Thom Yorke didn't record anything new with her...is that still true?

I'm not sure what I'm feeling about this song...I expected better.

Chromefox 10/14/08 06:05 PM

Video has been removed. Bugger.