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Julia Conny 10/23/08 05:48 PM

Every Time I Die Writes an Open Letter to Axl Rose
Every Time I Die is soon to be heading out on their The November Reign Tour, but they are slightly "irked" they have to share the month with Guns N' Roses.
Message from the BandAn Open Letter to Axl Rose Ending With an Impression of Howard Dean,

Thanks a shitload axl. You haven’t put out in GNR record in 10 years and the month we decide to go out on a tour cleverly named NOVEMBER REIGN, you find it prime time for “Chinese Democracy” to hit shelves. You couldn’t have waited another 3 weeks? We haven’t done a single headlining tour on “The Big Dirty” so this was a really big deal for us. You should have seen Josh’s face light up when he thought of the name. The guys in THE BRONX and STICK TO YOU GUNS were happier than pigs in shit to be a part of this epic journey across the east coast. But you just couldn’t stand to see us happy. Buckethead probably wouldn’t have stolen our thunder. And when I met Matt Sorum at House of Guitars like 16 years ago, he came off as a real nice dude who would be glad to let us have November to ourselves. Well fuck it, we’re doing it anyways. Starting November 1st, we’re going to Quebec City! and then we’re going to Milwaukee! And then we’re going to JOPLIN…AND NASHVILLE…AND RICHMOND AND THEN WE’RE GOING TO FARMINGDALE TO TAKE BACK THE CRAZY DONKEY!!! BEYYYYYAAAWWW!!!!!

love every time i die.
ps. you rock.

Anton Djamoos 10/23/08 05:50 PM

Haha, I love this band.

murphy77 10/23/08 05:51 PM

i love etid

ThisIsNotDan 10/23/08 05:52 PM


Julia Conny 10/23/08 05:52 PM

Gahh, I misspelled Axl as Axel like three times in post before I edited it.

TMartin442 10/23/08 05:53 PM

Are there dates posted anywhere?

newfoundmichael 10/23/08 05:54 PM

Keith's rants are so awesome. I loved the one on the VMA's

bassdrummer2333 10/23/08 05:54 PM

someone mind explaining what the fuck is going on? lol

newfoundmichael 10/23/08 05:54 PM


Originally Posted by Julia Conny (Post 24466992)
Gahh, I misspelled Axl as Axel like three times in post before I edited it.

I don't think too many people in this thread are going to care (or even notice in my case.) haha

hiddentrack 10/23/08 05:56 PM

haha that's pretty funny

CarryOn09 10/23/08 05:57 PM

keith buckley is the shit. dont even try to deny it. i'd totally vote for him to be president.

ESundy36 10/23/08 05:58 PM

Hahaha, it doesn't matter people haven't cared about GNR in 10 years.

LIbroski 10/23/08 05:58 PM

pretty cool that he mentioned the donkey show

JustAGirl01 10/23/08 05:58 PM

one word: good!
stoked on that richmond date

amorning_ofsleep 10/23/08 06:01 PM

I wanna see Keith kick Axl in the jaw.