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hockeyguitar99 10/26/08 09:26 PM

Sound and Fury - Sound and Fury
Sound and Fury - Sound and Fury
Record Label: MRI
Release Date: June 24, 2008

If 70’s punk and old school heavy metal had a steamy one-night affair, Sound and Fury would be their love child. Passionate vocals, hard-hitting drums and crazy mid-verse 2-second guitar solos make up their self-titled effort. The album is fairly predictable, but it’s not something to be heard everyday. Maybe that’s a good thing.

A lot of the lyrical themes of the album are predictable. Most of the songs are all about rebellion and being a teenager, and to be quite honest, the themes can get rather annoying after a while. The guitar riffs follow the same trend for the most part. They can get rather repetitive after a while, which makes the album hard to listen to as a whole. Vocally, each song is fairly similar, too. Verses are filled with energetic shouts until the chorus, where there is then gang vocal clichés that attach to the content in the verses.

Even so, it’s kind of hard to be frustrated with the album. I got exactly what I should’ve expected, a lot of sound and a lot of fury. Other than that, there isn’t very much substance to to be found. It is extremely predictable lyrically and it feels like they wrote one song with one set of lyrics and then slightly modified those elements into an album. In the end, I almost feel cheated with this album as there seems to be little-to-no effort going into it. Best case scenario for this band is that they morph into a Motley Crue cover band and modify their sound accordingly.

Recommended if You LikeMotley Crue; Airbourne; AC/DC