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Jeremy Aaron 11/13/08 05:31 PM

Drew Danburry - This Could Mean Trouble, You Don't Speak for the Club
Drew Danburry - This Could Mean Trouble, You Don’t Speak for the Club
Record Label: Emergency Umbrella
Release Date: November 4, 2008

Late last year, Drew Danburry treated us to the promising and delightfully quirky EP, Mother. His latest full length follow-up, This Could Mean Trouble, You Don’t Speak for the Club, builds upon the potential shown on Mother, delivering varied interpretations on folk-rock with a refreshing eccentricity and not a trace of pretense. Many of the songs exhibit what seems like a bit of ADD-riddled simplicity but, if anything, that’s what makes them all the more enjoyable. There are a few weaker moments, but Danburry manages to keep your interest through most of the record.

The album opens a bit inauspiciously, with the sparse piano-led track, “Weezer,” which isn’t really representative of what’s about to come. Danburry kicks into gear with “I’m Pretty Sure,” which was actually the opener of Mother, though it appears here with a shortened title. It’s the type of bouncy melody that would have fit in quite well on AM radio in the 70’s, reminding me a little of Edward Bear’s “Last Song” (a one-hit wonder, to say the least). It’s probably the most memorable hook on the album and will have you singing along with the “Ba Da Daa Da Daa” in no time. It’s not as overtly folk-sounding as much of the album, though, as “Memorial Day” follows it, primarily backed with violin and banjo. “Residents in Orange County ” is a real stomper, which finds Danburry proclaiming “Let’s have some drum-rolls for drunkenness!”

“Executed” and “Take Me Home Is Originally by Seve vs. Evan” draw easy comparisons to Bright Eyes or An Angle, and after “Tonight I Was Trying to Read (Part One and Two),” a bare, intimate song which finds Danburry’s vocals barely registering a whisper, we’re treated to “Life Security,” a true highlight that actually lives up to the Bright Eyes comparison. In a similar manner to Conor Oberst, Danburry is able to deliver a line like “I am the bearer of blackened news / To lose a loved one is to be forever bruised,” and still sound hopeful, not jaded like some of his beleaguered peers. There’s a youthful innocence in his voice that belies his bearded visage.

The gentle two-minute “Billboards” segues into “Accident,” one of the more light-hearted moments on the album. With the boisterous backing vocals and “whoo”s, it definitely sounds like it was fun to record. It leads in to “L’ecole,” which opens like a stripped down Iron and Wine song, before erupting into a flurry of horns, only to close quietly, with the lyrical aphorism, “It’s how we live that shows how we value our own life.” It would have made sense to end the album here, as the last three tracks don’t really add anything and it would have closed the album on a high note. Instead, we’re given “Postponing Alaska Pt. 2,” one of the weaker tracks on the record, followed by “Full Part Two,” which is just a full minute of silence (I’ll never understand why artists put these silent tracks on record). The actual closing track, “Tonight I Was Trying to Read – Part One Ha Ha” is nothing more than a jaunty, western-styled, one-minute exercise in silliness. It makes for an anti-climactic ending to an album that’s actually a fun ride. Still, it’s Danburry’s unconventional approach that makes his music so endearing, so when it doesn’t quite work, it’s easy to let him slide.

Recommended if You LikeBright Eyes; Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly; Iron & Wine; An Angle; Eric Hutchinson


loganmmm 01/16/09 01:17 AM

Drew Danburry can do no wrong in my book! Everyone should check out this album!
And if he plays in a city near you(which I sure he will because he tours like a maniac!) you should definitely go see him. He's a great guy and great musician!

kurtdaniel 05/05/12 03:23 AM

I can't wait to hear this album. I've got some high hopes in them in terms of banjo playing.. they are my inspiration for my banjo lessons..