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Joe DeAndrea 11/20/08 12:12 PM

And Then There Were None Sign to Tooth & Nail
And Then There Were None have signed to Tooth & Nail Records.

Submitted by Killerkid64

princesschad 11/20/08 12:16 PM

New Hampshire! I knew they were going to get signed eventually, but Tooth and Nail? That's pretty big.

all time (joe) 11/20/08 12:19 PM

Tooth and Nail? what?

unionbay6 11/20/08 12:20 PM

I'm so happy for them! They defiantely deserved recognitioN!

Drew Beringer 11/20/08 12:23 PM

good book

stayillogical 11/20/08 12:23 PM

I thought this was already known?

momentsrewound 11/20/08 12:26 PM

so odd

blindrider529 11/20/08 12:27 PM

not digging the name...but I'll check out the music later.

outrageouslyAL 11/20/08 12:30 PM

good for them!!

meghanlail 11/20/08 12:30 PM

Whoah...I wasn't expecting that. It's probably going to turn out to be a really good move for Tooth & Nail, though.

blindrider529 11/20/08 12:33 PM

What does this band sound like?

MyWorldEntire 11/20/08 12:36 PM

Congrats to them!

fueledbyrebecca 11/20/08 12:38 PM

that's awesome. they're probably one of the best bands from NH (which isn't saying much, but still). they put on a good live show. i'm actually thinking about seeing them again in a week.
not so sure how popular they'll be with people on this site. but if you're into electronic music you should check them out, and even if you aren't, they're still worth checking out.

AbbeyCarbs 11/20/08 12:40 PM

Ive never even heard of them and I live two minutes from their hometown. sounds pretty good though.

blindrider529 11/20/08 12:41 PM

I foresee a tour with Family Force 5 at some point in the future.