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JustAnotherPoet 11/22/08 09:27 PM

Kid's initials are BMW. Knowing Pete, he probably planned it that way...

spud73 11/23/08 01:22 AM

I actually really love the name, but it seems I'm in the minority.

Totally lived up to my expectations, knew it had to be something unique. I was thinking it might be a children's book reference of some sort, but my money was on something from Peter Pan. Oh well, still love it.

birtcho 11/23/08 02:27 AM

bronx. ew

ianxcurtis 11/23/08 10:17 AM

Congrats, but why Mowgli? Is the Jungle Book Pete's favourite movie or something?

LV03 11/23/08 03:10 PM

Bronx is a pretty sweet name. Mowgli not so much but noone really cares about middle names anyways.

PickGuard 11/23/08 11:28 PM

congrats, guys!

...however, wtf at the name. why would you do that to a child?