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Joe DeAndrea 11/28/08 12:40 PM

Powerspace Recording Full Length
Powerspace will now be working on a full-length instead of releasing a new EP.
Message from the BandMany apologies for our recent disappearing act. However, it was not without good reason! Some of you may be wondering wtf happened to the EP we mentioned would probably be coming out at the end of last month. Well, we did actually record a 4 song EP, and it rocks. In fact, it rocks so much that everyone got way too pumped up and we decided these jams shaant not be 'wasted' on an EP. These songs need to be with their friends on something bigger, something longer...like an LP. So that's what we're doing; we're making a full length record. The last months we've been locked away writing and demoing new material in Chicago. We've got about an albums worth of songs already, but we still have to explore thousands of other ideas we've got floating around. We have big plans for this record. No expense will be spared, not stone unturned, no guitar unshredded, no drum unpounded, no bass unplucked, no pick unscraped, viva la revolution! I hope you all like the sound of rock 'n' roll music, because I DO! I DOOO! I DOOOO!


Submitted by CPF--FBR

Joe DeAndrea 11/28/08 12:40 PM

This is going to be so good.

MarsEatWorld 11/28/08 12:41 PM

can't wait!

irthesteve 11/28/08 12:44 PM

I hope they stick with the less electronic dealio they said the EP was going to be aimed at

explosion party 11/28/08 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by irthesteve (Post 28134522)
I hope they stick with the less electronic dealio they said the EP was going to be aimed at


outrageouslyAL 11/28/08 12:51 PM

ha i read it backwards and was pissed... but now we get more!!!!

ManicanParty49 11/28/08 12:56 PM

I'm stoked for this. Tom is a crazy good writer, and while I wasn't entirely sold on The Kicks, I know that this next record is gonna be awesome.

starjamgirl 11/28/08 01:03 PM

stoked :D

Galedeep 11/28/08 01:09 PM

You know, I think I am going to check this out whenever it drops. I wasn't entirely sold with Kicks but for some reason I have faith here.

Jeff_Ryan 11/28/08 01:21 PM

definitely one of the better pop rock bands out there

if you guys are offered a deal with glamour kills, please decline

npmshah 11/28/08 01:27 PM

i havent rlly heard of these guys
i just looked em up and they sound a little like mrcy mercedes (a HUUUUGE compliment for me...)
cant wait to hear the new album now...

WFUJerseyJon 11/28/08 01:39 PM

Can't wait to hear what this new direction sounds like. I am le pumped.

callthemrogues 11/28/08 01:48 PM


denissuxx 11/28/08 02:05 PM

Love this band :)

PermanentTourists 11/28/08 02:18 PM

I hope this is great