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Garett Press 12/03/08 02:32 PM

Unsigned Showcase: The Real You
Today's showcase is for The Real You, an ultra-pleasant sounding piano-rock band in the vein of Jack's Mannequin and Waking Ashland. Stream their entire new EP exclusively on their AP.net Profile. The record will be available the 9th, think they deserve to be signed?

CLoach 12/03/08 02:46 PM

about time they recorded something new. i am looking forward to hearing this. didn't they sign a myspace deal?

onewheeledrider 12/03/08 02:53 PM

theyre pretty good. i like jonathan jones vox a tiny bit more but def a solid band, i gotta keep an eye on these guys

onewheeledrider 12/03/08 02:59 PM

* i bet theyll get signed soon, my guess is to the militia group

destiny brandon 12/03/08 03:09 PM

destiny <3's the real you! thanks ap.net!

destinytony 12/03/08 03:27 PM


chitownjosh 12/03/08 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by onewheeledrider (Post 28624642)
* i bet theyll get signed soon, my guess is to the militia group

i agree.
they definitely fit the label very well.

meghanlail 12/03/08 03:38 PM

Wow...this is really good. I'm impressed.

Carom Jones 12/03/08 03:38 PM

not bad...not bad

ashiex3 12/03/08 03:44 PM

im liking it.

tomakebelieve 12/03/08 03:48 PM

I love these guys. My sister introduced them to me half a year ago, and I adored them.

Imperfektion 12/03/08 09:23 PM

These guys sound really good.

robat19 12/04/08 01:53 AM

I'm a sucker for anything with a piano...

WFUJerseyJon 12/04/08 01:03 PM

I would love to check them out if my damn computer was working.

stand revealed 12/06/08 11:02 AM

congrats, dudes! that dan is one swanky bass player. :-)