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Steve Henderson 12/09/08 07:48 AM

Blur Reuniting
Blur is reuniting with the original lineup intact.

carlosonthedrums 12/09/08 07:53 AM

Shit, that's awesome.

Esrb99 12/09/08 07:54 AM

this is good.

PoisonInMyVeins 12/09/08 07:58 AM


reissgoespunk 12/09/08 07:58 AM


3mpire 12/09/08 08:01 AM

Not bad not bad!

of_the_rose 12/09/08 08:05 AM

sweet deal

mattplayscheap 12/09/08 08:05 AM

haha wow just saw them on tv haha

CPF--FBR 12/09/08 08:05 AM

kick. ass.

Schreiforme417 12/09/08 08:08 AM

haha cool

Hagysaurus Rex 12/09/08 08:09 AM

well huh

Dan CiTi 12/09/08 08:10 AM

This is kinda big news!

bones jones 12/09/08 08:10 AM


Originally Posted by PoisonInMyVeins (Post 29210332)


YoMamasPyjamas 12/09/08 08:11 AM

should be cool, but i loved think tank and wasnt missing graham a terrible lot. anyway, im sure this will be interesting to say the least.

allhollows86 12/09/08 08:12 AM

yeah, says 1995

ManicanParty49 12/09/08 08:12 AM

Does this mean no more Gorillaz?

schaft0620 12/09/08 08:14 AM

wooo hoo

thisisadisaster 12/09/08 08:25 AM

fuck yes.

Heart-A-Tact 12/09/08 08:26 AM

Awesome news.

Mynameishiro 12/09/08 08:28 AM


Originally Posted by ManicanParty49 (Post 29211532)
Does this mean no more Gorillaz?

From wikipedia:

"Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett stated in an interview with CBC News on 17 September 2008 that they will be doing another Gorillaz album. [...] An article by the Toronto Star stated that the duo hope to begin work on the album in January 2009. Albarn also said that he wants "to work with an incredibly eclectic, surprising cast of people.""

However, Blur reuniting could throw a spanner in the works, although if the only provisional date is Hyde Park, London this summer, there could still be time to get an album done...

c_rob2700 12/09/08 08:32 AM

sweet tits

tonighttonight0 12/09/08 08:43 AM

I feel like I should care, but I don't.

Undue Noise 12/09/08 08:43 AM

Excellent news. So glad it's the original ine-up; not just some half-assed "reunion."

mgwisni 12/09/08 08:44 AM

finally. Coxon and Albarn back together

MattyBeatz 12/09/08 08:46 AM

Shit yeah!

ricanguitarist 12/09/08 08:49 AM

Parklife is a Great album

ESundy36 12/09/08 08:55 AM

If they reunite for a full tour and an album I will be stoked but this is still good news.

radxbandit 12/09/08 09:02 AM


MXkillerPX 12/09/08 09:10 AM

To me Albarn can do no wrong. This is great news.

gillygtv 12/09/08 09:31 AM

oh yaaa?

Paulb-182 12/09/08 09:32 AM

good news. hoping for a few more dates than Hyde Park

cory-182 12/09/08 09:32 AM

Does that mean Gwen will be at home all alone....

YoMamasPyjamas 12/09/08 09:36 AM


Originally Posted by cory-182 (Post 29216852)
Does that mean Gwen will be at home all alone....

Blur ≠ Bush

TakenByCars 12/09/08 09:39 AM


Steve Henderson 12/09/08 09:46 AM


Originally Posted by cory-182 (Post 29216852)
Does that mean Gwen will be at home all alone....


Originally Posted by YoMamasPyjamas (Post 29217122)
Blur ≠ Bush

Haha, wow.

Shin Akuma 12/09/08 09:47 AM

yeh!!...... whos next? blink182? (i wish) ..

mayday mayday 12/09/08 09:56 AM

haha awesome, i bought their first cd in like 6th grade lol

WarpSpeedChewy 12/09/08 10:01 AM

FUCK YES! I really can't express how excited this makes me considering Blur is one of my favorite bands ever. To see Graham Coxon back together with Damon Albarn is something special.

jawstheme 12/09/08 10:03 AM

Coffee and TV is still one of the best videos ever

Mens 12/09/08 10:17 AM

woo hoo!

FearlessBridget 12/09/08 10:19 AM

holy crap this is amazing.

spikeXtheXpunch 12/09/08 10:28 AM

oh, I'm late on this but whatever.

mrzackreichert 12/09/08 10:35 AM

That is good news!!!

sdisticsquirrel 12/09/08 10:41 AM

this is sweet.

miketrondson 12/09/08 11:16 AM


Originally Posted by bones jones (Post 29211342)

Beat me to it! Woo-Hooo!

Alextisonfire 12/09/08 11:19 AM

Great news.

BigAl 12/09/08 11:39 AM

Damn it. What I was going to say was posted already.

theripped0ne 12/09/08 11:43 AM

oh wow so they can play their one hit song?
this is cool and all but i dont understand what all the hype is about.

S/T 12/09/08 11:46 AM


Originally Posted by bones jones (Post 29211342)

I was going to be disappointed if nobody dropped this on the first page.

CursedCarolers 12/09/08 11:57 AM

I can't believe all my fellow Americans think they only have one hit. Pick up their Greatest Hits and you will not regret it, I promise.

I started with Song 2 and now I own every album. Leisure kinda sucks but all their other albums and b-sides are amazing.

If I get to see The Get Up Kids and Blur within the same year, my world will be complete. haha