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Keagan Ilvonen 12/19/08 10:01 PM

Sparks the Rescue - Eyes to the Sun
Sparks the Rescue - Eyes to the Sun
Record Label: Double Blind Music
Release Date: October 21, 2008

Every once in awhile, a band happens to take a 180 degree turn. Sometimes the reasons are evident, other times not so much. Sparks the Rescue falls under the latter. Somewhere between releasing a well received EP, being signed to Double Blind Music and the departure of a member, the band took this turn.

When Sparks the Rescue released their The Secrets We Can’t Keep EP they had a sound that could be somewhat compared to Chiodos. But in late June 2008 the keyboardist Marty parted ways with the band. This had a huge impact on the band's sound, which can be heard on their debut record.

Usually when bands change their sound, a lot of their original fan base tends to worry. This should not be the case for this album as there is a good mix to go around. For the most part, screams and heavy riffs have been traded in for catchy choruses and pop rock chords.

Eyes To The Sun starts off with the incredibly catchy “My Heart Radio”, which sets the pace for the majority of the album. Followed by “I Swear She’s The One”, which drills itself into your head with an echoed chorus you can’t help but love. “Autumn”, the album's first single, would be all over the radio if it was promoted better. “Hello Mexico” has become a fan favorite since they started playing it live and it doesn’t disappoint on record. “Skeleton” and “The Gravity” are sort of the crossing of styles. While they still are heavily influenced by the pop hooks, they have a heavier feel to them that is featured on the album's remaining songs. “Chemistry Set” is where older fans will be pleased, from here on out the record is chunkier and more reminiscent of the old Sparks the Rescue. Next is a re-done “Saco Boy’s Have No Class”, which sounds better then ever. Finally the record closes with "Pangaea," probably the most mellow track, but it closes the album nicely.

Sparks the Rescue have proved that they can write some of the catchiest songs out there today, but sadly their label doesn’t promote them as much as they should. If they did, you would hear Sparks being mentioned with some of the top bands of the genre. But if they continue to release albums like this, it won’t be long before they have their eyes set on something other then the sun.

Recommended if You Likeawesome pop rock; catchy hooks; summer music


blebbio 12/30/08 11:15 AM

I really like this and I prefer it over their EP.

Alex DiVincenzo 12/30/08 01:37 PM

I enjoyed the EP, but now they're just another generic pop rock band. Granted, the EP was nothing special either, but where it wasn't a full length it was just enough to stomach. Regardless, this is still good, catchy stuff, so if you're into that kind of thing check it out.

SomedayTheFire 12/30/08 04:01 PM

I liked what they had on the EP, but this just seems like every other pop rock band. I also don't like the singers voice on this compared to the EP.

Edit: After listening to the EP I've come to the realization this album sucks compared to the old stuff. I miss the synth.

rockstar18 12/30/08 08:02 PM

I LOVE this album...seriously, every song is amazing! Sparks the Rescue is really talented and they are awesome live!

laurelgirl 12/30/08 08:12 PM

i've been going to sparks shows since i was 16 when they played at the waterville high school talent show. these guys are good no matter what album you listen to. congrats on the new stuff, guys!

and really, for everyone who hates on a band they havent even seen live to see what they're truly about, stuff it.

yourepicending 12/30/08 08:15 PM

sparks are my boys and while i miss what marty brought to the band, i still love them and their sound more than ever.

Lokotah 12/30/08 08:44 PM

yah they used to be on my top 5 list but now..... i think the new album is ok... i still can't believe that they removed Marty's part from Saco Boys..... they could have at least had Ben do it....

C_Hood 12/30/08 08:49 PM

their live performance is friggin sex(y)

thats actually how i found them. i love this album. i like the old EP too, i don't why people think they have to decide between the old sound and the new.

bottom line: go see them live. one of the best live acts i've seen.

wereinlikesin 12/30/08 08:57 PM

i agree with everything the review has to say.
eyes to the sun is one of my favorite albums of 2008
& i love the boys in sparks to death.

i have been a fan of theirs for the last few years
so when marty left, i was a little worried as to what they would do
but i never doubted them. it's a different sound but it's still sparks the rescue.
alex roy has a voice that can't be mistaken

wereinlikesin 12/30/08 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by Lokotah (Post 31108502)
yah they used to be on my top 5 list but now..... i think the new album is ok... i still can't believe that they removed Marty's part from Saco Boys..... they could have at least had Ben do it....

yeah, well ahve you heard ben scream?
hahaha not trying to hate on him or anything but you would probably complain more
if he did the screaming as opposed to changing the song.

hahahah love you ben briggs (:

yourepicending 12/30/08 09:03 PM

hahaha i have to agree with kristie on this.
i love ben to death but to be entirely honest, marty was better at the screaming.

Viva Sonata 12/30/08 10:17 PM

I love Sparks and all, and they're my boys, but The Cambiata is infinitely better than this.

If you guys are looking for a really good Maine band, I've got a review of The Cambiata's most recent release coming up. It might not be edited perfectly the first time round, but this is shit compared to some of the music from this area. No joke.

Keagan Ilvonen 12/30/08 11:21 PM

You mind sending that my way? I am currently writing a review for To Heal right now to hold me over. Would love to hear what you think of the new album.

Klatzke 12/30/08 11:52 PM

"Pangaea" and "chemistry set" are my favorite tracks from this, and it's a damn good album. Imo, easily the best pop album I heard this year.