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Joe DeAndrea 12/29/08 10:58 AM

Bands on TV: Week of December 29th, 2008
Here are the bands on your television this coming week. Check your local listings for showtimes.
Bands on TV12/29 - The Cure on Jay Leno [NBC]
12/30 - The Hold Steady on Conan O'Brien [NBC]
12/30 - Gym Class Heroes on Carson Daly [NBC]
12/31 - All Time Low, Metro Station, The Academy Is... on F'N MTV [MTV]
12/31 - Unwritten Law on The Daily Habit [FUEL]
1/1 - T.I. on Carson Daly [NBC]
1/1 - Keane on Jimmy Kimmel [*ABC]
1/1 - Fear Before on The Daily Habit [FUEL]
1/2 - Bon Iver on David Letterman [CBS]
1/2 - The Sounds on Carson Daly [NBC]

myhearturhands 12/29/08 11:08 AM

i might check out the hold steady, they're on a bunch of peoples lists

andrewa5 12/29/08 11:15 AM

Fear Before!

zubinmoosa 12/29/08 11:24 AM

Will probably end up watching FNMTV on New Years Eve because I don't control the remote...

just.Starla. 12/29/08 11:35 AM

I'll definitly be watching The Hold Steady and maybe Gym Class Heroes.

TakenByCars 12/29/08 12:36 PM

fear before, definitely.

con40dmitri 12/29/08 01:30 PM

keane is good stuff, and the sounds have some sexy swedish singers!

Independant27 12/29/08 08:15 PM

bon iver!!

mrxstripes 12/29/08 10:21 PM

Fuck, I don't have Fuel anymore,I'd like me some Fear Before

fadedmemories 12/30/08 04:11 AM

I wish ATL and TAI wasn't playing with Metro Station