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Poochemist 01/05/09 08:04 PM


Originally Posted by Dr. Acula (Post 31565452)
Iron and Wine on Leno? WEIRD.

Yeah that make my head turn too. How'd he swing that one?

FUCKDIRTYWIPES 01/05/09 08:17 PM

leno is set for my dvr already, nice!

a morning view 01/05/09 10:42 PM

I missed Iron & Wine. Lame.

Clark 01/05/09 11:44 PM

Ting Tings...yay. Carson Daly...yuck.

Poochemist 01/06/09 04:47 AM


Originally Posted by Clark (Post 31624352)
Ting Tings...yay. Carson Daly...yuck.

I saw them on the Carson Daly new year broadcast. They did a good job.

newfoundmichael 01/06/09 07:53 AM

haha, T-Pain stopped in my Wal-Mart yesterday. funny stuff