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Anton Djamoos 01/07/09 07:39 PM

And Craig Owens Begins to Change His Mind
Craig Owens (Chiodos) has posted a cover of Counting Crows' "Anna Begins" for free download here.

Submitted by Jackfrost50

emilytrainwreck 01/07/09 07:40 PM

i really like craig owens' music, as well as chiodos. i'll be getting this. (:

Flags of Dawn 01/07/09 07:47 PM


Jackfrost50 01/07/09 07:48 PM

Woohoo! I feel like a part of the team =p

IXI CHEWIE IXI 01/07/09 07:50 PM

i was wondering if he was going to offer it for free or i was going to have to wait for his solo album.
but great stuff, awesome artist

katieissweet 01/07/09 08:00 PM

Craig Owens is so good when he doesn't try to scream.

Brett3 01/07/09 08:04 PM

Awesome. Great stuff.

mirrors 01/07/09 08:04 PM

i love love love this song.

Kgod 01/07/09 08:10 PM

Craig Owens can do no wrong.

AmIWrong 01/07/09 08:16 PM

ehhhh. not feeling it

Griff 01/07/09 08:23 PM

Do not like.

ashiex3 01/07/09 08:27 PM

i like craig owens. and i love counting crows.
but, i dont really like this cover.

steveo142 01/07/09 08:30 PM

I think he's the man

brandnew=love 01/07/09 08:34 PM

Like Craig Owens, yet to dl it though... hmm...

andrewa5 01/07/09 08:36 PM

Love Him.