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Paul Tao 01/08/09 01:32 PM

Abe Vigoda Releasing Reviver EP
Abe Vigoda are following up their album Skeleton with a new 5-song EP out February 17th entitled Reviver.

01) Don't Lie
02) House
03) Endless Sleeper
04) Wild Heart
05) The Reaper

romantic rights 01/08/09 01:45 PM

Skeleton is so good, this ep is great too, but has a completely different feel to it.

briewer 01/08/09 02:25 PM

I LOVED Skeleton. I can't wait for this to come out.

The Youth 01/08/09 04:23 PM

skeleton definitely a great album.

Josh Weinstein 01/08/09 05:19 PM

PJ1336 01/08/09 10:26 PM

this would be even better if it were an album released by the actual Abe Vigoda.

genericmadness 01/11/09 07:10 AM

I thought these guys were dead