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Joe DeAndrea 01/15/09 01:27 PM

OMG It is Epic
Watch some kind of promotional video for A Day to Remember's new album, Homesick, in the replies.

Joe DeAndrea 01/15/09 01:27 PM

jusscali 01/15/09 01:29 PM

Hahah so fucking lame.

tomeuc 01/15/09 01:30 PM

it really is ... i have it gonna buy it too!

JJJ 01/15/09 01:31 PM

So that really is the cover then, hmmm.

hiya 01/15/09 01:31 PM

haha, it is epic though.

SAOsurviveSTD 01/15/09 01:31 PM

uhhh... she is a little to excited for me . O M G

altemose09 01/15/09 01:34 PM

haha what a fucking skank

bobby runs 01/15/09 01:35 PM

OMG this video is Epic

thedullard 01/15/09 01:36 PM

great album.

phoenixinflames 01/15/09 01:37 PM

thanks BREAKING IT DOWN for us.

eyessewnshut 01/15/09 01:37 PM

its not working for me ...

pleasntbullet 01/15/09 01:38 PM

yea its pretty good so far from what Ive listened to.Ive yet to listen to the rest though...its on the pod. :)

theMIKEman 01/15/09 01:39 PM

great album indeed.
every song is amazing.

Keagan Ilvonen 01/15/09 01:40 PM

I like the record. Not as good as the last but not bad at all.