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Joe DeAndrea 01/18/09 01:24 AM

Hit the Lights - Drop the Girl (Music Video)
Watch Hit the Lights' music video for "Drop the Girl" here.

Submitted by quickdrags

S-Squared 01/18/09 01:30 AM

decent video. a little cliche for my taste but the performance shots were pretty rad.

robat19 01/18/09 01:32 AM


Moira Amiss 01/18/09 01:33 AM

sweet ending. :-)

alltimecam 01/18/09 01:34 AM

pretty lame other than when everyone stood up and chanted "drop the girl"

WhoSaidThat? 01/18/09 01:37 AM

I love high school-themed music videos.

katieissweet 01/18/09 01:41 AM

Ehh, it's decent.

shelbybelby101 01/18/09 01:47 AM

fuck Yes. :-)

Tony Pascarella 01/18/09 02:00 AM

Howard Stern cameo? I can't for the life of me tell if it's him. Solid lookalike if not.

Roboman 01/18/09 02:02 AM

I gotta say, it's a little weird to see such a voice coming from a guy who looks like that.

jnkbondtrader 01/18/09 02:04 AM

good song, bad video.

Nick Le 01/18/09 02:05 AM

Not working for me. :/

Edit:: I really like the video.

Heart-A-Tact 01/18/09 02:07 AM

It's only appropriate that this video is on Spike. I like this song, though.

more heart 01/18/09 02:08 AM

I've been waiting forever for this. pretty solid in my opinion

alltimelove 01/18/09 02:09 AM

Why is this on Spike?

Good song and great band, but the video not so much. When will the high school depictions end...