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Steve Henderson 01/27/09 10:24 AM

Therefore I Am Post Recording Updates
Therefore I Am will be posting recording updates on their Buzznet profile as they record their new record.

Steve Henderson 01/27/09 10:24 AM

Hey Everyone,

We have started our recording adventure down here in Providence, Rhode Island with the one and only Mike Poorman at his Strangeways Recording studio. We'll be posting blogs, videos, photos and more exclusively on our WWW.BUZZNET.COM profile which you can find here:


Check it out and if you want to go ahead and create a profile and leave us comments, ask questions or just to say what's up. We love hearing from you and when some of us aren't recording we're really bored so feel free to send away!

We hope you enjoy watching us record our first full length album and stay tuned for more!!!

Much love,
Brian & TIA

stayillogical 01/27/09 10:34 AM

I can't wait for March with I Am The Avalanche. It has been too long since the last show and I want to hear some new songs!

zubinmoosa 01/27/09 11:03 AM

I can't wait for this.