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Julia Conny 01/27/09 05:11 PM

Motionless In White Met Destruction
Motionless In White will release When Love Met Destruction on Feb. 17th.

Track Listing
1) To Keep From Getting Burned
2) Ghost In The Mirror
3) Whatever You Do...
4) Destroy Everything
5) Billy In 4C Never Saw It Coming
6) The Seventh Circle

more heart 01/27/09 05:54 PM

A definite pass

YouSmellExcited 01/27/09 07:11 PM

already have the old one

Nigel Tufnel 01/27/09 07:16 PM

motionless in white- great 18 visions song (one of the few)

Akissforher 01/27/09 07:33 PM

just pre-ordered

thursday8605 01/27/09 08:11 PM


joe.boy.fresh. 01/27/09 08:55 PM

it gives other shitty bands hope they'll get signed

mikehranica 01/27/09 09:19 PM

worst record name ever.

paulfisherisemo 01/27/09 09:19 PM


timb89 01/28/09 04:23 AM

myeh... just sound like underoath
every post-hardcore band sounds the same
cant wait for this genre to die

zmanscenemasta 01/28/09 08:58 AM

Post-Hardcore? Nah. It's "Every hater sounds the exact same"

Sounds better to me.

Motionless In White = Underoath? Comon how random is that? Because the singer has a monotone scream and someone else backup sings? HAH is that the best you can do? Haters. Fail.

Hmm as usual everyone genericly massacres music into one giant, sloppy category.

It's not the genre that needs to die...it's the haters. Cause most of the people that hate this kind of music have an AWEFUL taste of music themselves. Idiots.

These guys sucked on their last EP but they're better now. I already pre-ordered the copy since it's supposed to sound completley renewed. Hopefully gonna see them in February. <3

killbabykill14 03/25/09 01:57 PM

Haha.. Motionless In White are a joke anymore.
I'm from the area they are and have seen them at least 15 times over the past few years.

I will admit I still like them, but there old stuff was better.

Proud of them for getting signed to a big label but really,
Is it just me that noticed once they became good friends with Alesana they became more "heavier" and started to sound like that?
I have the Full length version of WLMD and it's kinda shitty. Don't waste your money on the EP.
I miss when they used to sound like shitty from first to last wanna bes.

Their three song demo from like 05' + The Whorror > When Love Met Destruction.

FearlessShane 05/21/10 03:29 PM

Motionless In White are recording the debut full length album and you can have your lyrics in a song! To find out more info click HERE