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Garett Press 01/28/09 02:44 PM

Silverstein Tracklisting
Silverstein have posted the tracklisting for A Shipwreck In The Sand.

rawker31 01/28/09 02:46 PM


billyboatkid 01/28/09 02:46 PM

Sweet, I'll enjoy seeing how this works out.

sweepthenation 01/28/09 02:47 PM

Solid, can't wait

And the chapters make me really want to hear the sound of this album

ndoleman 01/28/09 02:50 PM

looks sick
14 songs, awesome

stephisfinch 01/28/09 02:50 PM

I'm excited! I'm excited!

Deanis 01/28/09 02:53 PM


Waske 01/28/09 02:54 PM

I can't wait for this album. :)

mycuban 01/28/09 02:54 PM

they should post a song so i can be excited or forget all about this.

batmannj 01/28/09 02:56 PM

this looks awesome. hopefully the sound has changed up too from their other material.

2hxc4you 01/28/09 02:59 PM

Im waiting in anticipation, im curious, im just hoping that their sound has progressed and doesnt sound exactly the same as all of their other cd's

Joe DeAndrea 01/28/09 03:00 PM

Wow, that looks interesting. I hope this is good.

Chuck! 01/28/09 03:02 PM

Not a project I'd have expected from this band. Very exciting...

fearthesloths 01/28/09 03:04 PM

i heard most of this the other night, i think its a pretty big step in the right direction for em. if you like this band i'm sure you'll love it.

Mattylikesfilms 01/28/09 03:05 PM


Originally Posted by mycuban (Post 33900782)
they should post a song so i can be excited or forget all about this.

"broken stars" leaked a while ago and it sucked. hope this band can pull through. i like the cover art? haha