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Joe DeAndrea 01/30/09 10:32 PM

Sing It Loud Shoots New Video
Sing It Loud recently shot a music video for "Come Around" with director Luke Asa.

UnderMyDreams 01/30/09 10:36 PM

Cool. Should be good.

zubinmoosa 01/30/09 10:37 PM

Good song.

more heart 01/30/09 10:38 PM

Sounds great. Awesome choice for a single, very upbeat

Jess Says 01/30/09 10:39 PM

really good song. stoked to see how it turned out.

katieissweet 01/30/09 10:43 PM

This is one of my least favorite songs on the record. Will make a good single though.

amandangerousx 01/30/09 10:46 PM

Love this song.

taylerx0 01/30/09 11:17 PM

This is my favorite song of theirs.

mcdizzle88 01/30/09 11:43 PM

excited to see it!


Originally Posted by amandangerousx (Post 34177452)
Love this song.

In before I posted. Good job.
Valencia tomorrow (errr, ummm... today...), y/y?

SoCoSquid4 01/31/09 12:10 AM

come on girl, come around come around...

such a catchy ass band.

Spenny 01/31/09 01:19 AM

I think Over You should be a single.
But I like this song too.

Sammmm39 01/31/09 02:35 AM

catchy - I'm stoked for this .

sammyboy516 01/31/09 08:29 AM


tomakebelieve 01/31/09 08:59 AM

Should be a good video.

ZeroGravity107 01/31/09 09:24 AM

I'm not a huge fan of music videos, but I love this song.