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Travis Parno 02/01/09 07:59 AM

Staff Reviews (2/1/09)
This place has broken my American heart.
Staff ReviewsBen Kweller - Changing Horses (Travis Parno)
VersaEmerge - VersaEmerge EP (Joe DeAndrea)

popdisaster00 02/01/09 10:13 AM

fuck yeah piebald.

crit 02/01/09 10:50 AM


Originally Posted by popdisaster00 (Post 34281752)
fuck yeah piebald.

My thoughts.

blimpcityhero11 02/01/09 10:55 AM

I miss Piebald. Good reviews though.

YoungHeartsBeFree 02/01/09 11:17 AM

agreed with all of the above statements.

ReadyForAction 02/01/09 12:05 PM

I was hoping for a piebald review =[

Holly HoX! 02/01/09 01:01 PM

PIEBALD! I listened to We're the Only Friends We Have more times than i can count last summer.

Best pop punk band ever created.

Arry 02/01/09 01:11 PM

hey! you're part of it

saving jonathan 02/01/09 03:57 PM

Ha I was wondering what that line was from.
I just picked up that record and was listening to it earlier when that lyric came on and I was like "Ohhhhh!"

blckout20 02/02/09 01:12 AM

First concert I ever went to was a Piebald concert. Love the band, love the song, miss em.

Nick_K99 02/02/09 05:05 PM

That piebald quote got my hopes up for a review of We're the only friends we have...damn