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Lueda Alia 02/02/09 12:10 PM

Time And Distance Hit The Studio
Time And Distance are back in the studio starting today with producer Rob Freeman (of Hidden In Plain View) recording the new full length that will be released this summer via Not Alone Records.

Who's Chris? 02/02/09 12:14 PM

so stoked for this

thiswokendream 02/02/09 12:37 PM

Stumbled on this band years ago. They had a couple decent songs. I'll at least give this album a listen.

anamericangod 02/02/09 12:43 PM

I'm excited for this. Their last album was solid, hopefully Rob Freeman can make something impressive of this.

khernan05 02/02/09 01:00 PM

yes! i'm ready for some new T&D because i've definitely played out "the way it should be" quite a few times

punkrawkgoddess 02/02/09 01:02 PM

What a great band. Can't wait for their new stuff!

jason1125 02/02/09 01:15 PM

sweet! ready for the new record

artyinthebank 02/02/09 01:16 PM

Rob Freeman is the man.

mitchellyoung 02/02/09 01:17 PM

i can die happy once this album is out!

irthesteve 02/02/09 02:22 PM

exciting, these guys are pretty legit and Rob is awesome

Joe Lemble 02/02/09 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by mitchellyoung (Post 34399512)
i can die happy once this album is out!

so can greg.

cheezwhiz 02/02/09 07:38 PM

where did I get the idea that they had broken up?

dying_light 02/02/09 07:54 PM

Rob is a really awesome producer, and a stellar actor, you can see some of his work here www.youtube.com/thehollowsound

greganddistance 02/02/09 08:19 PM


Originally Posted by Joe Lemble (Post 34420212)
so can greg.

haha. day one down. rob is the man! we're stoaked.

wuthappenedwas 02/02/09 09:53 PM

Everyone should be stoked for this release! I am!