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Steve Henderson 02/04/09 06:52 AM

This Year's Grammy Winners
James Montgomery picks this year's Grammy winners in this week's Bigger Than the Sound.

You'reSoCool 02/04/09 07:00 AM

I'm 100% down with the Jonas Brothers winning!


trappedintime 02/04/09 07:24 AM

I want Coldplay to win AOTY.

zachff 02/04/09 07:27 AM

Even for a "pop" music award show, the Grammys are a joke.

CrazyNa7e 02/04/09 07:35 AM

The Grammy's are a joke, and that article was poorly written.

aoftbsten 02/04/09 07:37 AM

if the jonas brothers win anything, i will never even glance at the grammy's again

live. 02/04/09 07:42 AM


Originally Posted by aoftbsten (Post 34584022)
if the jonas brothers win anything, i will never even glance at the grammy's again

Why? I have nothing against The Jo Bros. They are far from my taste in music, but unlike the majority of artists of their kind they write all of their shitz.

davidmest 02/04/09 07:54 AM

if the jonas brothers win, im quitting music.

carlosonthedrums 02/04/09 08:00 AM

The one thing the Grammys did right in my book was giving Deftones the award for Best Metal Song in 2001. That was definitely gratifying.

But now this dude just wrote Mraz off like he's a disposable pop star and I'm more than slightly perturbed.

Galedeep 02/04/09 08:40 AM

Considering how good the Plant/Krauss album is, I'm pretty much hoping that it cleans up.

acor 02/04/09 09:02 AM

Radiohead "too weird"... This is why the music industry is crumbling

Broclee 02/04/09 09:03 AM

I find it hard to believe he's never heard "Love Song," the trombone ensemble here read an arrangement of that on their first day...I mean, the song is/was fucking everywhere.

I sadly think he might be right on some of these, though.

TopperHarley 02/04/09 09:26 AM

In everything this guy writes, he comes off as "trying to hard." Terrible.

I Shot Chicago 02/04/09 10:17 AM

the grammy's are a joke, but i'd love to see M.I.A. take some shit

andrewshungry 02/04/09 10:38 AM

coldplay ftw