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Julia Conny 02/04/09 10:36 AM

Breathe Carolina's Diamonds
The video for Breathe Carolina's "Diamonds" is posted in the replies.

Julia Conny 02/04/09 10:36 AM


racecar 02/04/09 10:39 AM

I fully understand that posting about this, negatively or positively only heightens whatever small level of popularity this group has. However, I feel a strong desire after watching some of this having never heard the group before, to say how bad this is in every way imaginable. Hopefully they're the type of group to come to absolutepunk and read what people think about their new video. Because, this is just awful. There isn't one redeeming quality about it. It doesn't matter how many people get on here and say "there such down to earth dudes." It just doesn't matter at all.

Ok, just breathe... breathe... breathe...

I feel a little better now.

zubinmoosa 02/04/09 10:39 AM


Little Ferret 02/04/09 10:40 AM

How can people like this?

I am Mick 02/04/09 10:42 AM

I hate this band so much
I can't wait for this genre to die

eastcoast-fu 02/04/09 10:42 AM

great song, terrible video.

Smeee 02/04/09 10:43 AM

Lol. Having The Milionaires in your video really helps your cause

amorning_ofsleep 02/04/09 10:43 AM


I am Mick 02/04/09 10:44 AM

I don't see how these dudes can consider themselves a band, or this music. Ridiculous autotune and pitch correction is not singing. No right to call themselves vocalists

katieissweet 02/04/09 10:45 AM

I accidentally saw these guys onetime. It was horrible horrible experience.

WheresTheChorus 02/04/09 10:45 AM

sounds/looks like a parody..but sadly its not. same with brokencyde aaahaha.

I am Mick 02/04/09 10:46 AM

lol at the dudes from millionaires in this.

meghanlail 02/04/09 10:47 AM


lucygray 02/04/09 10:47 AM

This was really good until about the 17 second mark. From there, it's all downhill. I stopped once I saw a Millionaire, gross.

Also, someone explain to me how their live show works when that whole song is auto-tuned.